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What should I do if I receive a suspicious pledge or message?
What should I do if I receive a suspicious pledge or message?
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Unfortunately, because of the popularity of our platform, spammers and scammers do sometimes contact folks, and placing fake pledges is a new strategy some are using in an attempt to gain the trust of our creators. This FAQ explains what to do (and what we're doing) if you ever encounter a suspicious pledge or message.

What should I look out for?

You can report anything you find suspicious to us. Here's some things to be cautious of:

Extremely large pledges from someone you don't know

While some strangers are incredibly generous, more often than not an extremely large pledge from someone you don't know is a good reason to keep your guard up.

If the pledger ever messages you an offer of any kind.

If a pledger offers to help you promote your campaign, or if they claim to know someone that can help you with your campaign, it's very likely a scam. Please report them to us.

If someone tries to get you to visit another website

If a pledger tries to get you to visit a website that isn't Seed&Spark, it's very likely a scam and potentially unsafe.

How do I report something?

You can report anything suspicious by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page. You can also email [email protected]

Seed&Spark staff will never direct you to external "campaign experts" or marketing services. If you ever receive such a message from someone claiming to be Seed&Spark staff you can report it by using the instructions above.

What is Seed&Spark doing about this?

We're always working to prevent as many of these messages and pledges as we can, but people with bad intentions are persistent and constantly evolving. This challenging issue has been reported on all major crowdfunding platforms, including ours.

If you ever encounter anyone suspicious on Seed&Spark, you can always send us the name of the individual that contacted you and a member of our team will investigate their account to see if any violations of our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service occurred.

If we determine they're a scammer we will delete their account and fraudulent pledges.

We're also taking significant preventative steps behind the scenes. We can't go into specifics because the spammers and scammers could be reading this, but we're already developing and deploying successful countermeasures.

The best thing we're doing is educating our creators because we're all in this together.

By reading this, you're now more informed and prepared.

Whenever you report someone's suspicious behavior you're making our platform and community a safer place for everyone.

Why do I have a message from someone named "Deleted for Violating Seed&Spark's TOS"?

If a user has "Deleted for Violating Seed&Spark's TOS" in their name it means they were already reported and dealt with by our safety team. In many cases, this also means we removed any pledges they placed.

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