In order to add any image on Seed&Spark whether it is for your personal profile image or content for your campaign materials, the image file(s) must meet ALL three of the following specifications:

  1. file type – accepted file types: .jpeg, .png or .gif

    1. Other file types like .tiff, .heic or .pdf are not compatible

    2. for GIFs please keep these to less than 20 frames

  2. file size – files need to be under 2MB in disc space

  3. image dimension size – images need to be ~8inx10in or smaller in dimension size with the resolution set to 100.

    1. other aspect ratios of about equal area are accepted

    If your image does not meet all the requirements above, please reformat your image on your device first to meet all 3 requirements, then upload the new version to your campaign materials or personal profile.

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