What is the Patrons Circle?

The Patrons Circle is a simple commitment to creative sustainability, making it easy for established artists to find and support fresh perspectives from creators like you! Each Patron commits between $1,000 to $5,000 towards a crowdfunding campaign of their choosing.

Is my crowdfunding campaign eligible for a Patron pledge?

All crowdfunding campaigns are eligible for a Patron pledge. Patrons might choose your campaign based on subject matter, location, or just having a good feeling about your work. We’ll be sharing more details soon on which types of projects our Patrons are currently looking to support.

How can I make my campaign eligible for a Patron pledge?

Your campaign is automatically eligible for a Patron pledge after launching.

How much is a Patron pledge worth?

The value of a Patron pledge ranges, with a minimum pledge of $1,000 and a maximum pledge of $5,000. Patron pledges are subject to credit card processing fees.

How will a Patron pledge appear on my campaign?

Patron pledges will be made in 2 ways, depending on the preferences of the Patron:

  • Patron pledges directly to your campaign (without choosing an incentive), using their own Seed&Spark account, OR

  • Patron sends us their committed pledge in advance, and notifies us with the project to support and the amount to allocate. Seed&Spark will pledge on their behalf (without choosing an incentive), using the [email protected]&Spark account.

How will I be notified if my campaign is selected for a Patron pledge?

There is no special Patron pledge notification! Just like other pledges, you’ll be notified of a Patron pledge via your Creator Dashboard when the pledge is made. The pledge will either be made under the Patron’s name, or under the [email protected]&Spark account (which we’ll share on social media, tagging the Patron and the project when applicable).

What can I expect from a Patron?

The Patrons’ relationship to crowdfunding campaigns abides by Seed&Spark’s Supporter Terms of Service.

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