Campaign Managers Policy

Who are campaign managers, and how do they work on Seed&Spark?

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This list of rules applies to any third parties that play a substantial role in the creation, launch and management of crowdfunding campaigns on Seed&Spark. These third parties are defined as:

  • A person or an agency that has been hired by the project creator, either for a fee or pro-bono.

  • Is not the named creator and owner of the project.

  • Has a substantial role in any of the following (but not limited to): The creation of the materials presented in the campaign pageProvides strategic campaign advice to the creator(s) of the project and their direct team. Provides outreach services on behalf of the creator Is communicating with supporters through the Seed&Spark platform during the campaign.

1. All campaigns must have accurate ownership. The Seed&Spark account listed as project creator must belong to the owner of the project, not a third party such as a campaign manager.

2. Campaign managers must be included as team members, with admin access granted as necessary by the creator.

3. All communications between Seed&Spark, at any phase of a campaign, must be directly with the creator and owner of the campaign. Creators can make decisions regarding feedback factoring in advice from campaign managers, but the communication between our team and the creator must be direct, to ensure compliance with our terms of service.

4. Creators must retain full access to their project during the entire lifespan of the project. Any campaign manager take over of a campaign that excludes the creator is a violation of terms and code of conduct.

5. For projects that are owned by a larger team, all communications during feedback review between Seed&Spark and the campaign must be directly with a team member. After the review process is complete, the creator team has the option to hand off day to day campaign management to their campaign manager, but must retain access to their project dashboard and inbox.

6. Projects with campaign managers must have that noted in the campaign page on the Team tab or in the Story section

7. Recommended S&S campaign managers are subject to audits, during which we communicate with creators and evaluate their experience. We look for compliance with our user agreements and external policies, consistency with our stated values, as well as the overall satisfaction of the creators with their campaign managers. We use this process to maintain our recommended list up to date and ensure a vibrant and safe ecosystem.

8. Campaigns must be unique to the project and creator. Repeated use of templates for items such as wishlist, incentives, or mission statement will be noted during the review process and changes will be requested for approval.

9. Supporter lists and email addresses belong exclusively to the creator of the project. Any evidence of third parties downloading or otherwise possessing supporter lists will be grounds for banning from the Seed&Spark platform.

10. Campaign managers (and employees of campaign managers) are not allowed to provide loans to projects they are actively working with.

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