To pledge to a project just follow these steps:

  • click the green "Make a Pledge" button, enter the dollar amount you’d like to pledge, and click continue.

  • On the following page you have the option of selecting an incentive you’d like to support, or opt out of an incentive. (note: even if there isn't an incentive at the pledge amount you are giving, you will need to make a selection on this screen) 

  • Next, you’ll be able to cover the creator’s fees on our platforms if you'd like to. (about 66% of supporters choose to do this).

  • On the next page, enter your email address if you’re pledging as a guest, or login if you already have an account with us. Click continue when you’re done.

  • On the final page, enter your name, CC information, and set a password if you’d like to create an account with us. Seed&Spark never shares your personal information, and we do not store full credit card numbers – only the last four digits and expiration date.

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