Seed&Spark is a platform for creative storytelling projects created by filmmakers. As long as your project is raising funds for something that falls in one of our creative categories, you've cleared the first requirement. 

There are a few categories of crowdfunding that our platform does not allow nor is suited for: 

  • Lifestyle or emergency fundraising
  • Pre-orders for products and electronics
  • Equity fundraising 
  • Political fundraising

Once you submit your project for review, approval is subject to our rules. Here's what's required:

  • An inclusion statement
  • An absence of pornography or excessively graphic violence
  • A clear production schedule

We have a few things we don't allow in projects:

  • Projects can't fundraise for charity, or promise any portion of their proceeds towards a charity. This includes political fundraising.
  • Projects can't offer equity. Incentives can't include any ownership or revenue share in your projects. 
  • Projects that promote discrimination, bigotry, or intolerance.
  • Incentives can't include: Alcohol, raffles, contests, political fundraising, marijuana, vaping, or weapons.
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