We recommend sending supporters the link to this page with detailed instructions.

You can message them on Seed&Spark via the Supporters section of your project dashboard or email them directly.

 Filter by choosing "declined charges" in the dropdown menu under the supporters tab of your dashboard. Download their emails in a spreadsheet by clicking the 'export as CSV' button, or message them directly to their Seed&Spark account.

if you'd like to make this easier for them, you can include a direct link to their payments page. You can find this link by choosing a supporter with a failed pledge, on the right hand side, labelled "Copy fix payment link." Each link is customized and different for each supporter. We recommend this option for larger pledges that require more attention to be resolved.

As soon as they submit updated payment information they will receive confirmation of the successful charge and we initiate a transfer to your account (all "fixed" payments will land in your account as separate deposits).

if you arrange any alternative methods for these supporters to send you their pledged funds, those contributions will not be reflected on your payout page.

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