How do loans work?
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Loans are non-financial contributions to your project. When someone submits a loan through your WishList, you'll receive an email notification. This notification will send you to the 'Loans' section of your project dashboard, where you must approve or decline the loan. In addition you must also decide what you think the dollar value of the loan is. Loans count towards your goal, so any amount you set will automatically be added to your funding total. We do not take any fees on loans.
For example, if a DP were to make a loan towards a camera item on a Wish List, you would then contact them to figure out the details of the offer and then approve the loan from your project dashboard (which involves setting the monetary value of the loan).
Your total funded amount would then increase by that monetary value you approved.ย 

Loans can only account for up to 40% of your total campaign goal.

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